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Elementary Education Portfolio - Spring 2014

This portfolio website was created in lieu of a Master's thesis. It shows that I meet the ACEI standards and also fullfill the guidlines and requirements of the Curriculum and Instruction Master's Programme at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

The portfolio contains lesson plans and examples of student work and activities as well as reflections.

To guarantee accessibility documents they were converted to .pdf format. Sound and video files are available in .mp3, .mp4 and .mov formats. These are popular file formats that can be opened by software that is most commonly used such as Quick Time Player and Windows Media Player. Images are available in .gif and .jpeg format.

Depending on your browser settings and preferences they may either, open in the same window, download or open in a new window. When a .pdf documents opens in the same window you can hit the "backspace" key on your keyboard to return to the portfolio website.

The site is responsive and can be viewed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone device.

The menu on the top right corner will guide you to the main pages of the portfolio website. The menu buttons for the ACEI and Technology Standards will lead you to a listed overview.

Should you experience any problems in accessing files or viewing you can contact me here.